Wengler Châteaux & Domaines presents a documentary series of Chef’s portraits showcasing local cooking talents. Those whose food reflect their passion, whilst embracing the finest wines and spirits to craft unique culinary experiences. From now on, each year we will bring out 2 chefs portraits to light up your senses and showcase the brilliance that Luxembourg gastronomy has to offer. A focus on what’s truly important: the merging of Cookery and Wine, a commitment to craft.


Food and wine go hand in hand, and finding the right combination enhances the flavor and pleasure of both. We want to bring to life stories of Chefs that merge the love for great food and wine, to offer elevating experiences leaving plenty of creative space to express.


The ambitious young chef behind Luxembourg’s vibrant new inclusive fine dining restaurant, Public House. Anne’s philosophy with the restaurant is based on transparency and sustainability to bring people closer to regional and seasonal cuisine. An authentic approach that respects nature and fosters close relationships with local producers. “I want to serve the dishes and be able to explain where all the ingredients come from”. Every dish is an orchestra of natural beauty and diversity of the local region.



In perfect harmony with the concept, Public House’s wine list features low intervention wines from trusted partners. Valuing winemakers that share a profound appreciation to the land and work with no artificial enhancements. Resulting in living wines capturing the beautiful sense of terroir and embodying the artistry of artisanal craftmanship in their winemaking. For Anne, wine is about conviviality, sitting around the table and enjoying something together.

Public House brings to life the true essence of inclusive fine dining. A dedication to brining people together around food and closer to nature while putting the seasons and the region’s culinary heritage in focus. A project that fosters a deep connection between the culinary journey and the land. A place to visit as soon as you can.