Belvédère 10 : The New Icon

Renowned for its dedication to craftsmanship and excellence, Belvedere emerges from one of Poland’s most ancient distilleries, a legacy dating back to 1910. Drawing upon six centuries of Polish vodka-making tradition, Belvedere meticulously crafts a rye vodka renowned for its exceptional taste and character.

Belvedere 10, a vodka boasting flawless character. Housed within a striking, sculpted bottle, this singular spirit epitomizes opulence, delivering liquid brilliance. Crafted exclusively from the yield of a single rye field, Belvedere 10 is exceptionally rare and irresistibly smooth, beckoning to be savoured neat or over ice.

Meticulous craftmanship

Inspired by the house heritage, Belvedere 10 harks back to the vodka-making process of 1910, now remastered for a discerning contemporary audience. Every detail of this rare vodka’s creation has been meticulously considered, with expert distillers sourcing the finest ingredients and adhering to a precise production process: one rye, one farm, one field, one harvest.

Beginning with a single harvest of organic Diamond Rye from a designated field in north-east Poland, Belvedere 10 is meticulously crafted in small batches. Skillfully rested for ten months, it attains a singular smoothness. Quadruple distilled to enhance texture, depth, and dimensions, the spirit is then rested for an additional ten months to marry unique flavours and enhance its velvety smooth mouthfeel.

ABV 40%
Aroma Bright yet indulgent notes of coconut, cacao, and vanilla, with a hint of fresh lemon.
Taste An opulent and creamy mouthfeel leads to a light, honeyed sweetness, with bursts of caramel and green coffee.
Finish Elegant and smooth, with lasting hints of nutty praline and rich dark cacao.

Design iconic

The striking bottle design of Belvedere 10 stands as a modern icon of brutalist elegance, paying homage to the vodka it holds. Towering ten levels tall, it symbolizes the intricate ten-step creation process behind the spirit. Its luminous brilliance and faceted appearance evoke the sparkle of a diamond, reminiscent of the organic Diamond Rye utilized in crafting Belvedere 10. Cast in pristine white with an engraved ‘B’, the bottle reflects both the spirit’s purity and the snow that nourishes the single-field harvest. Upon opening, a discreet gold ring at the neck, engraved “Belvedere’”, is revealed, adding to its allure.