A range of non-alcoholic wine alternatives that aim to give people a better option and an experience that doesn’t compromise on flavour.



Christian & Alex, brothers who from a young age have been inspired by the nature of our home country, Norway. In 2015 they set out on an adventure to launch Norway’s first Premium No & Low distribution agency, LESKE. During this process they met inspiring nordic chefs & sommeliers which reconnected them with modern Scandinavian cuisine through foraging & fermentation. They started to understand that there was something missing within the non-alcoholic wine occasion and set out to redefine the category.

From what started out as fermented spruce needles in a garage quickly become a full-time passion project, involving skilled food scientists & a dedicated lab space. Ambijus was born.

Redefining the non-alcoholic wine occasion using nature & innovation



Our inspiration comes from the Nordic landscape, boreal forests to unspoilt fjords and everything in-between. We work with real ingredients native to Norway and extract their flavours and aromas using various techniques including fermentation, maceration & distillation.


A sparkling non-alcoholic wine alternative, reminiscent of aromatic cider, specifically created to bring to life the flavours and aromas of the Nordic Forest. Clean/medicinal aroma from the Spruce Needles. Bold, Aromatic taste from the Oakwood & Juniper. Mellow, Fruitiness from the Elderflower. Acidity & Salinity from the Fermented Apple, Vinegar & Carbonation. Subtle Bitterness from the Juniper & Angelica root. Pairs well with Pork, Cured meets, Cheeses & Roasted autumnal vegetables.

Serve chilled in a wine glass