Every early January, marks an essential annual voyage, where our team heads to Burgundy to taste the new upcoming vintage. This year brings joy as 2022 sees a significant rebound in quantities, bringing back smiles to the entire industry and allowing winemakers to replenish stocks depleted by recent challenging climate conditions. Termed miraculous by some (escaping widespread frost in April), this warm vintage compensates for the vines’ energy after severe frosts in 2020 and 2021. Harvesting required early and ripe picking from August 20 to September 15 for optimal quality.

On the Pinot side, vendange entière gains popularity, whether whole or destemmed, this technique enhances floral notes and bringing depth to the wine. Chardonnays shine with balanced brilliance. In this vintage of pleasure, wines exhibit a charming profile “without heaviness.” The use of new oak barrels decreases, and aging processes extend. These natural techniques, unique to each vineyard, maintain a harmonious balance. Far from guaranteed, we once again approach the heights. Similar to outstanding vintages like 2015 and 2005, the vintage 2022 will be revealed mid-year during our grand annual tasting in Rosport.

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