Austria Road Trip


There is no place like Austria…

If you follow us on our caveswengler social media account, you will know that we recently returned from an incredible trip to Austria. We had an absolute blast road tripping around the fascinating wine regions of the country.


Starting in Lower Austria, the grandest wine region of them all, with eight exquisite winegrowing regions each with its own unique charm and where, Grüner Veltliner and Riesling shine brightly. We kicked off in Kamptal, a picturesque landscape around the Heiligenstein mountain bringing life to wine of unmistakable character. At the Heiligenberg, two climates come together. Colder wind from the Czech Republic and warmer temperatures from the Pannonian climate.

Weingut Bründlmayer, an estate celebrated for its Grüner Veltliner. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for the terroir, Bründlmayer crafts wines that showcase unique characteristics of the region. Their portfolio also includes outstanding Rieslings, Chardonnays, and Burgundy varieties. For red wines, traditionally cherished by the family, it is a special challenge for Willi Bründlmayer to produce beautiful red wines with distinctive personality in the climatic border region.

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Fred Loimer, authentic wines shaped by origin and telling their heritage, the power of nature, and the respectful interaction between soil, plants, animals, and humans. An ideal farm individuality resulting in pure terroir shaping wine by the sense of place created in harmony with the rhythm of nature.

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Schloss Gobelsburg producing wines that are a true testament to Austrian winemaking excellence. A historic winery with a legacy dating back centuries. Their wines embody a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. The winery cultivates vineyards that yield exceptional Grüner Veltliner and Riesling grapes, vibrant, expressive, and reflective of their terroir. From crisp and refreshing whites to elegant and complex reds.

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From Kamptal, we went to the dazzling Wachau. A cultural landscape in the truest sense of the world. 16 km long section along the River Danube, encompassing only 1350 ha of vineyards. A small wine cultivation area featuring impressive diversity of soils and climates.

Knoll, mostly powerful rich wines displaying a harmonious and remarkable balance. Pure elegance with a subtle interplay of flavors. Wines of great density and complexity.

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FX Pichler, wines with a true reflection of the year, soils and the special microclimate. Unique and distinct, known for the depth and complexity, the wines capture the essence of the region’s terroir. Perfect harmony between power and finesse, with beautiful acidity and minerality.

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Veyder Malberg located in the Spitzer Graben. Peter considers himself a learning by doing winemaker. A gardener of the micro-organism, farming land with ancient methods. For Peter, it’s all about the soil. When the soil is in a good lively condition, the quality of wines follows. Rather than relying on predefined categories, he places meticulous emphasis on the terroir with the character of each vineyard shaping the exceptional quality of the wines. Minimal intervention with no fining of the wines. Wines of unparalleled character and distinctiveness. Absolute elegance and straight with a magical freshness.

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In the town of Spitz, Franz Hirtzberger practices a strong emphasis on terroir—the unique interplay between climate, soil, and topography. With a distinct approach that involves late harvesting, the Hirtzberger family places utmost importance on the complete ripening of their grapes. They firmly believe that the true character and expressiveness of their wines are forged in the careful care of vine. They employ techniques such as careful pruning, intensive leaf work, strict yield control, and rigorous grape selection. The outcome of their dedication is the production of opulent wines that exude pure elegance and culminate in a refreshing finish.

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Wein Hofmeisterei, a family estate spanning 10ha of vinicultural splendor, owned by Matthias and Hannah Hirtzberger. Diverging from his brother Franz Jr. Hirtzberger, Matthias deliberately embraces a lower ripeness through a timed, but still late harvest. Each grapevine is tenderly nurtured, and the fruits undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure utmost quality graces the cellar. An estate where tradition meets innovation. Beautifully balanced vibrant acidity in the wines with a remarkable complexity.

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Afterwards, we went from Vienna to Burgenland. Wien, the only place where there is viticulture overlooking a 2 million city. 580 hectares of vineyards preserve the lush green belt that gracefully encircles city.

Wieninger, helmed by Fritz Wieninger, embraces a remarkable legacy rooted in a gastronomic family background and a deep-seated passion for winemaking. While growing up amidst a Heuringer, Fritz discovered his true calling early on, veering away from the culinary industry to focus on crafting and delivering high-quality wines to the gastronomy scene. Situated in Vienna, Wieninger vineyards thrive under Fritz’s dedicated application of biodynamic farming practices, ensuring sustainable viticulture and preserving the environment. The result is a collection of wines that reflect the distinct terroir, unveiling a harmonious interplay between elegance and intensity.

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Burgenland, a region shaped by the scorching continental Pannonian climate, proudly orchestring its landscape of gently rolling hills. A place with a harmonious combination of diverse microclimates, ancient vineyards, and an unwavering commitment to quality. A sense of tranquility.

Heinrich, an icon from the Burgenland region located in Gols. Together with his wife Heike, Gernot embraces a visionary approach centered around the principles of biodynamic farming, creating an oasis of sustainability and harmony. Their commitment extends to diverse endeavors such as tree planting, farming with a variety of animals and a flourishing garden overseen by their daughter. A holistic approach reflecting their deep-rooted connection to the land and their unwavering dedication to crafting wines that resonate with both nature’s essence and the true spirit of the soil and site. Low intervention producing living wines in a natural manner.

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Gut Oggau. Situated in the charming village of Oggau. Stephanie and Eduard Tscheppe embody a holistic biodynamic philosophy at its core, prioritizing healthy soils, plants, and grapes. With their sustainable farming techniques, they ensure a harmonious equilibrium and preserves the wines’ freshness. No artificial enhancements and low intervention, allowing the wines to embody their natural character. These living wines exude energy and vitality, as they are not subjected to traditional preservation methods. Each bottle from Gut Oggau reflects a distinct personality, capturing the sense of place and the passage of time. It’s all about the balance in every aspect of their work.

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Paul Achs, located in Gols, stands as a testament to passion and dedication. The vineyards are nurtured with love, allowing the grapes to thrive and express their true character. The philosophy revolves around embracing nature’s wisdom and working in harmony with the land. From the moment the vines take root in the soil to the gentle hand-harvesting of perfectly ripe grapes, every step is guided by a profound respect for tradition and innovation. Wines of radiate elegance and authenticity reflecting the essence of the region. Velvety reds and vibrant whites.

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Kollwentz. Situated amidst the rolling hills of Burgenland, the winery stands for excellence and a testament to generations of winemaking mastery. Steeped in tradition yet embracing innovation, the family crafts wines that captivate the palate and capture the essence of the land. Led by Andi Kollwentz, the vineyards are meticulously tended to, with a deep understanding of the unique terroir that defines the region. Each grape is handpicked at the peak of ripeness, reflecting the unwavering commitment to quality that runs through every aspect of the winemaking process. Balance, purity, and depth reign supreme.

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Last stage, the beauty of hilly Styria. Stunning hills that are fully alive. With half of the land being lush forest, they call it the green Tuscany of Austria. The art of winemaking thrives only on steep slopes, orchestering a long tradition of producing Sauvignon. Styria is wettest and coldest micro climate in Austria. A place where there is always a light bliss coming from somewhere. Here, three distinct climates converge: the cooler temperatures bestowed by the nearby Alps, the warmth wafting from the east, and the humidity carried by oceanic influences. Sand, gravel and limestone soils.

Sattlerhof. A family run winery in Südsteiermark. Andreas and his brother embrace a holistic biodynamic approach, aiming to forge a deeper connection with the land and with agriculture. Their philosophy revolves around fostering biodiversity and introducing animals into the vineyards, thus introducing diverse microorganisms and natural fertilization to enrich the soils. The focus lies in nurturing healthy soils, allowing vibrant life to flourish throughout the vineyards. Fruits are meticulously selected right in the vineyard, a commitment to precision and authenticity. A controlled version of doing nothing, researching pure balance and the expression of origin. Spontaneous fermentation. Sometimes filtered, if they can leave the wines unfiltered, they do.

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Tement. A family-owned winery, now in its third generation, committed to organic viticulture. Armin’s parents embarked to Burgundy and Loire, drawing inspiration from the philosophies in their quest to elevate the quality of wines in Steiermark. In 2005, Armin started and initiated the conversion to organic viticulture, bringing back spontaneous fermentation and less oak. No fining and no filtration, allowing the wines to express the authentic character of its origin. Easy drinking wines, exuding a vibrant and fresh intensity while proudly showcasing distinct character. Wines reflecting an unwavering commitment marrying tradition, innovation, and the purest expression of the terroir.

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We had a blast! Massive thanks to all the winemaker and the whole team!