A range of non-alcoholic drinks that aim to give people a better option and an experience that doesn’t compromise on flavour.



Meet Nouné, the founder of RISH – a brand that brings non-alcoholic Pet-Nat & Kombucha, crafted with a desire for authenticity. Rooted in Brussels, RISH reflects a shift towards natural, locally crafted, and conscious living. Nouné believes that embracing a counter-current approach is the key to creating the next wave of innovation. Pet-Nat & Kombucha are more than just a beverage, it’s a refreshing invitation for new drinking experiences, commitment to a healthier and more refined lifestyle.



The RISH ROSÉ is delicately crafted with Rose de Damas, garden roses, and a touch of beetroot for a sip of pure elegance.

Experience the embrace of authenticity and sophistication in every unfiltered drop.

RISH Tagète

Crafted in collaboration with Herbea, a local biodynamic farmer in Brussels, this edition features the enchanting flavor of Tagète.

The RISH Tagète brings a unique blend of mint, citrus, and honey notes, creating a lively and refreshing experience with every bubbly sip.


KOMBUCHA by RISH is a blend of Japanese Sancha green tea, cane sugar, and SCOBY. Natural, probiotic, gluten-free, and organic, it’s a detoxifying powerhouse rich in antioxidants.

Embrace the tangy essence of this artisanal fermentation, offering a wholesome alternative to traditional drinks. With flavors like Original, Hibiscus, and Ginger, RISH Kombucha invites you to savor the taste of natural well-being.